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Star Markets history since it came into existence can be divided into three stages.

1) The Firs Stage (The Pioneers)

Forty Five years ago when supermarkets were not known and the existing environment at the time was not familiar with such type of self-service retail stores. Abbar & Zainy company was the pioneer to establish the first self service Super Markets in Jeddah located in km. no.2 under the trading name "Star Grocery".

Five Years later Abbar & Zainy added one more self service supermarkets in Jeddah located down town, opposite to SAMA "Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency" in bugshan building.

Both supermarkets are no longer existing, but meanwhile a new chain of retail commissaries and supermarkets have come up.

2) The Second Stage. Expansion in closed areas (captive markets)

The stage started in 1402 corresponding to (1982) when Star Markets had awarded three contracts for the operation and management of commissaries and supermarkets belonging to the following governmental institutions.

2-1 In 1402 corresponding to (1982) Star Markets had awarded the contract for the operation and management of two retail commissaries in the Royal Commission - Yanbu Industrial City located in camp-5and three years later on more contract had been award for the operation and management of two more commissaries in the royal Commission - Yanbu Industrial City located in Camp 1 & 2. All the Commissaries had been handed over to Star Markets as fully equipped commissaries. All four commissaries are still running and operated by Star Markets on renewable basis contracts.

2-2 In 1403 corresponding to (1983) Star Markets won the contract to lease, equip, operate and manage the retail commissary belonging to Saudi Arabian Air Lines located in their residential compound in Jeddah Khalidiya Dist. The contract still under operation by Star on annual renewable basis.

2-3 In 1404 (corresponding to (1984) the Company awarded the contract to supply equip operate and manage for ten years the supermarkets belonging to King Abdul Aziz Military cantonment in Tabuk. Briga commissary locate in the nearby residential compound was added later both contracts had been terminated seven years ago and they are no long in operation.

3) The Third Stage - operation in open areas "Free accessible Markets"

3-1 In 1408 corresponding to (1987) Star Markets had opened a new superstore in Jeddah in Jamjoom Center, the largest shopping center in the Middle East. Total selling area of our Jamjoom Superstores is 6500 sq. mtr. It is well laid out, well designed, displaying quite a wide variety of food and non-food merchandise reaching up to 55,000 items.

3-2 In the beginning of 1413h (corresponding to (1992) Star Markets opened on more out let in Yanbu - located on the Jeddah / Yanbu highway at km. No. 6. It is close to Yanbu meanwhile it is 18 kilometers far from the Royal commission. The idea behind opening a new outlet in Yanbu in addition to the other four commissaries in the Royal Commission is to extend our services to Yanbu town and to give our customers a choice of a more spacious environment to shop in comfortably. Total area of the stores is 5300 sq. mtr. Well laid out well designed and displaying quite a big variety of goods.

3-3 On Rajab 1413 corresponding to 01/01/1993 we acquired one more Super Market in down town Jeddah located in Corniche Commercial Center, which has the most traffic amongst the centers in Jeddah. It is in a good location where may people like to visit. Total area is 2500 sq. mtr. Well laid out in both first and second floor, and displaying about 50,000 items.

3-4 On Muharram 1417 corresponding to 18/05/1996 a new Super Markets was opened in OKAZ International Center located in the southern Housing district, Mekka Road.

The area was in need for a Super Market service which should serve about 3500 families living in Southern Housing buildings in addition to another 900 families living in prince Fawaz district. So the population in the area who may get the convenience of the Super Market is approximately 30,000 people. The Super Market had been designed to offer mostly everything needed by the family under on roof.

The total area of this Super Market is 2000 sq. mtr. divided into 1600 sq. mtr. Selling area + 400 sq. mtr. for storage. The store is well laid out and it contains about 45000 items.

Star Markets has an expansion plan to implement through out the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


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